How to use google comments on your blog

To use google plus comments on your site all you need to do is insert the following code on teh page where you want the comments to appear

url should be the full url to the page, then any comments in google plus with this url will appear to any user who can see them (ie public commnts or those from people in the viewers circles).

width is just how wide you want the comment box

BLOGGER This method is as far as I can see only officially supported for Blogger comments and only this value seems to work

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Merge google plus accounts

If you have a gmail account, you get a google plus account with it, many of end of with several of each. For mail this is usually what you want but for plus with it's circles you usually just want one account and to split post by circle. Fortunately there is a way to redirect one account to another.

This way anyone looking for you at the account you don't really use or looking you up via an alternate email gets redirected to your active account.

First make sure you are only logged in to the google account you want to transfer your connections away from

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Hacked server (now restored)

A few days ago I was notified by my ISP that my server was "emitting a UDP-based denial of service attack ", as a result the VM had been rebooted and taken off the network.

With console access I was able to verify there was a problem, and the ISP was able to give me a clean VM, with my old system available as a mount, in read-only mode

I had thought that the server was fairly well locked down with minimal users, secure passwords and so on, but to be honest with other commitments I hadn't been keeping on top of patching.

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Using varnish to cache authenticated Drupal pages

I have a site which requires users to be logged in, but the pages are not customised. I was playing with a way to cache the content in varnish while still doing an access check. This method uses an access check pages (test.php below) which then uses ESI to load the real, cacheable content.

I've tried it in a dev env, I'm not yet sure if we'll use this in production.

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Search skype history across chats

I find a lot of clients use skype

For me the biggest frustration is the limited search

But it turns out the data is stored using sqlite - and so you can search using sql directly on the sqlite db files.

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Blocking git commits from future merges

I used to use subversion and svnmerge a lot, and there's just one thing I miss about it. Now svnmerge is a tool to bolt on merge tracking to svn, and gits merge tracking is vastly better in many ways. But the one thing that svnmerge allowed me to do that was cool and doesn't have a real equivalent in git is to block commits

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Nova client for rackspace servers

This took me a little while to figure out how to get the right parameters
I used password instead of API key and account ID instead of tenant ID which seemed to work

nova --username lolaent --apikey $password --os_tenant_name $accountID --os_auth_url --os_region_name ORD list

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Jenkins publish over ssh - parameterized

To have a jenkins job which acts on a remote server via ssh - and has a parameter to choose which server(s) to use.

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