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Debugging Multiple Concurrent Sessions (AJAX/SOAP)

I’ve recently been working with AJAX and SOAP which both result in multiple sessions running concurrently.

For example if you have an AJAX progress bar for a large file upload one session is uploading the file while a series of shorter sessions check on progress and update the bar.

How to track both parts of this cleanly has had me scratching my head a bit - but the solution is fiendishly simple.

It turns out that there is a buried configuration setting in Eclipse (my IDE of choice) which allows you to debug multiple sessions.

in Eclipse go to:

Window | Preferences … | PHP | Debug | Installed Debuggers | XDebug | Configure

Then check the box that says ‘Use Multisession’


Lo and Behold the debug pane now has a multisession manager and allows you to see what is happening on both sessions.

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