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Eclipse PDT and Subversion

Version conflicts to be aware of

Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) now ships with Subversion 1.5 

You can’t use a svn 1.4 client and a svn 1.5 client on the same working copy.

While the subversion integration in Eclipse is great I still prefer to do some things on the command line and some with kdesvn.

Then you need to upgrade your subclipse plugin to subclipse 1.4

If you can - then upgrade to Eclipse 3.4 

But Eclipse 3.4 doesn’t run the latest stable version of PDT - and last time I tried to use an Integration build it was unusable - I may try again sometime but right now I want a small upgrade.

I followed this instructions here

But Eclipse reported a "Network problem"

So I downloaded the zip file

Unpacked it in a folder on my local webserver, pointed Eclipse at this location and the installation worked!

Phew - I have a working Eclipse for PHP development on Ubuntu 8.10