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Resizing an Ext3 Filesystem on LVM

When I installed my system I wasn’t quite happy with the way the installer divided my hard disk - but at the time I was in a hurry…

I have since found that repeated loading of databases during development used up all available space in /var and debug files were filling /tmp

So I had to figure out how to resize them.


Thanks to

reboot # into single user mode df umount /tmp umount /home/ umount /var/

can’t umount var - why not?

lsof | grep var

OK - need to shut down some services

ifdown eth0 lsof | grep var /etc/init.d/nfs-common stop lsof | grep var /etc/init.d/portmap stop lsof | grep var umount /var/

get some info about my setup and save it

lvs lvs > maybe_useful_lvs.txt

check what volume groups I have

vgscan ls -lh /dev/lonlinpdev01/

check all filesystems I’m about to change are OK

e2fsck -f /dev/lonlinpdev01/home e2fsck -f /dev/lonlinpdev01/var e2fsck -f /dev/lonlinpdev01/tmp

reduce /home partition

resize2fs -p /dev/lonlinpdev01/home 80G e2fsck -f /dev/lonlinpdev01/home

reduce home volume (leaving soem spare space)

lvreduce -L85G /dev/lonlinpdev01/home

extend /tmp to 20Gb

lvextend -L 20G /dev/lonlinpdev01/tmp

find out what physical volume I’m using


extend /var to use all available space

lvextend /dev/lonlinpdev01/var /dev/sda2

check disks

e2fsck -f /dev/lonlinpdev01/tmp e2fsck -f /dev/lonlinpdev01/var e2fsck -f /dev/lonlinpdev01/tmp

now resize all filesystems to match the partitions

resize2fs -p /dev/lonlinpdev01/var e2fsck -f /dev/lonlinpdev01/var resize2fs -p /dev/lonlinpdev01/home e2fsck -f /dev/lonlinpdev01/home e2fsck -f /dev/lonlinpdev01/home reboot