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Replacing Exported Views With Views in Features

We had an old Drupal module which contained exported views, most of our sites uses features to manage view - so when they needed updating we wanted to use features.

So we deleted the old module and added a new one with the required views.

And the views were blank.

In order to have this work smoothly on deployment I reinstated the old module and then

Added an uninstall hook that deleted the modules like <?php function my_views_uninstall() { $views = array(‘all_related_content’, ‘customised_search_results’, ‘footer_links’,);

foreach ($views as $view_name) {
    $view = views_get_view($view_name);
    views_object_cache_clear('view', $form_state['view']->name);



After this module is uninstalled, the new feature module installs and works as expected.

But it is important that these events happen in the correct sequence.