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Merge Google Plus Accounts

If you have a gmail account, you get a google plus account with it, many of end of with several of each. For mail this is usually what you want but for plus with it’s circles you usually just want one account and to split post by circle. Fortunately there is a way to redirect one account to another.

This way anyone looking for you at the account you don’t really use or looking you up via an alternate email gets redirected to your active account.

First make sure you are only logged in to the google account you want to transfer your connections away from

Go to Google takeout, this is usually used to download backups of your data.

On the google circles line is a little folder icon, the mousover text tells you this is to "Transfer your google+ connections to another account"

Follow this link and you’ll have to log into your destination account.

That should set up your transfer.